Doctor Faustus.

April 1–2 8:00PM, Tickets $7
@ University Place Christian Church

In an almost-modern Wittenberg, the celebrated scholar John Faustus has tired of the intellectual pursuits available to him. He takes up an interest in the occult and encounters the demon Mephistopheles, who promises him a life of bliss in return for his immortal soul.

This psychologically charged, darker adaptation of the classic text explores the idea that Hell isnt a place, but rather a state of being sundered from one's identity. The scholar Faustus and the demon Mephistopheles both go through parallel crises of identity, Faustus sacrificing his dreams and ambitions to spend 24 years in vain fantasy, and a jaded Mephistopheles questioning her role as a demon. Several staging elements of the play have been changed to greater reflect Faustus and Mephistopheles' inner conflicts, but the text largely remains the same. Whether you've never heard of the play before or have experienced it many times, our take is sure to have a surprise in store for you.

The What You Will Shakespeare Company Presents:
Doctor Faustus
A play by Christopher Marlowe

Doctor Faustus Erik Wessel
Mephistopheles Megan Scharlau
Wagner Kevin Gomez
Benvolio/Pope/Faustus’ Soul Logan Weeter
Beelzebub Keaton Hellman
Lucifer Celia Mueller
Robin/Cardinal of France/Belimoth Emaline Johnson
Dick/Bruno/Argiron Daniel Zolecki
Horse Courser/Scholar 1/Friar #1/Moloch Kris Kwak
Vintner/Scholar 2/Cardinal of Padua/Abaddon Courtney Crisp
Emperor/Friar #2/Astaroth Ben Medina
Montfleury/Second Poet/First Cadet Kris Kwak
Duchess/Frederick/Belial Kim Gasiciel
Azazel Clayton Gentilcore
Director Ashish Valentine
Assistant Directors Danielle Strickland and Clayton Gentilcore

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